SA-MP 0.3b väljastatud
Hetkene versioon on SA-MP 0.3b R2

A security and bug fix release of SA-MP (0.3b) is now available on the Download Page.

This release also includes some new features and improvements to SA-MP. Here is a summary:

Updates for players
  • Important client security updates
  • Updates and fixes to the SA-MP server browser, including host name lookups for your favorites and samp:// URL handling
  • Improved player and animation syncing
  • Chat logging and time-stamping
  • Files, including screenshots, now save to the GTA San Andreas User Files folder
  • No restrictions on screen resolution size
  • Several crash fixes and more[/list:u]

    Updates for servers
    • New vehicle velocity and rotation functions
    • Ability to track all player animations
    • Players can be scripted to hold objects
    • A threaded HTTP client for pawn (beta)
    • New object limit of 400 and the ability to change object draw distance
    • Many bug fixes and more[/list:u]


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