SA-MP 0.3z RC3
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SA-MP 0.3z RC

SA-MP 0.3z is mainly a security update that we hope to push to release quickly. There are a few new features and there should be time to address some existing 0.3 bugs during the RC.

Updated shooting sync for bullet weapons

Shots fired by players are now lag compensated, meaning you can aim at the skin instead of lead aiming.

The server can now get access to the full bullet information to tell if it hit a player, vehicle or object.
PHP Code:
#define BULLET_HIT_TYPE_NONE            0
#define BULLET_HIT_TYPE_PLAYER          1
#define BULLET_HIT_TYPE_VEHICLE         2
#define BULLET_HIT_TYPE_OBJECT          3

forward OnPlayerWeaponShot(playeridweaponidhittypehitidFloat:fXFloat:fYFloat:fZ); 

The give/take damage callbacks now contain the body part hit ID. If your script uses these callbacks, you will need to update the definition in your script.

PHP Code:
forward OnPlayerTakeDamage(playeridissueridFloat:amountweaponidbodypart);
forward OnPlayerGiveDamage(playeriddamagedidFloat:amountweaponidbodypart); 

Other stuff

- A network level setting for server.cfg 'messageholelimit' has been added to deal with DoS attacks.
- The Rivershell gamemode has been updated to version 2.


SA-MP 0.3z RC3 Client/Server update

- Fixed: Joypad target switching still enabled autoaiming.
- Fixed: Sniper bullets were not working when vectored outside the SA land area.
- Extra server data for investigating any player shot data corruption.
- Added VectorSize pawn function.

SA-MP 0.3z RC2 Client/Server update

- Removes autoaim ability from the joypad controls
- Fixes gunshell/smoke particle offset problem


0.3z RC3 Client
SA-MP 0.3z RC3 Client Installer

0.3z RC3 Server
SA-MP 0.3z RC3 Windows Server
SA-MP 0.3z Linux server

0.3z RC2 Client
SA-MP 0.3z RC2 Client installer

0.3z RC2 Server
SA-MP 0.3z RC2 Windows server
SA-MP 0.3z RC2 linux server

0.3z RC1 Client
SA-MP 0.3z RC1 Client installer

0.3z RC1 Server
SA-MP 0.3z RC1 Windows server
SA-MP 0.3z RC1 linux server

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